Substance Abuse Rehab Programs


Substance abuse rehab centers are facilities where addicts and alcoholics can go for help with addiction. These programs are located all over the country, and each program is different. Some specialize in helping those who suffer from alcoholism, other programs cater to those who abuse drugs, and others serve those who are addicted to certain substances like cocaine or heroin. There are also substance abuse rehab centers where it doesn’t matter what you’re addicted to, only that you need help.

The rehab center may be a large facility where a variety of recovery programs are offered, or it may be a small facility that only offers short-term substance abuse detox. Substance abuse rehab facilities might be located in hospitals, they could be stand-alone programs, or they may be residential facilities or sober houses.

Do You Need Help With Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

For an addict or alcoholic, the most important question to ask yourself is whether you really want to recover. Unless you truly want to get free of drugs and alcohol, your chances of staying clean and sober are very small. Recovering from substance abuse is a life-long process which will require a complete change of lifestyle. Substance abuse rehab centers have helped countless addicts and alcoholics to get clean and sober, but you will have to work a recovery program if you want to stay that way.

Why is Choosing the Right Substance Abuse Rehab Center so Important?

Choosing a substance abuse rehab facility that’s right for you can increase your chances of staying sober. In some cases, the right treatment program can even help an unwilling addict or alcoholic to want recovery. In other cases, even the best treatment facility can't help an addict or alcoholic if that program is a poor fit. It all depends on the individual addict and how that addict relates to a particular substance abuse rehab program.

Everyone is unique. A drug and alcohol treatment program that works very well for one person may not work at all for someone else. That’s why it’s so important to look into all of the available options. No matter how much an addict or alcoholic wants to clean up and live a sober life, a substance abuse rehab program that’s not a good fit could sabotage even the best recovery efforts.

Let’s say you are a stay-at-home mom and you don't want to be separated from your kids. If you select a six month residential drug and alcohol treatment program that’s out of state and does not allow regular contact with your children, the separation might be so disturbing that it interferes with and sabotages your desire to be clean and sober. A better option for you might be to find an outpatient substance abuse rehab program that’s close to home. That way, you can participate in a treatment program during the day and go home to your family every night.

What Kind of Treatment Facility Would Work For Me?

When people seek help for substance abuse, it’s usually when their lives are in a state of crisis. You might have just gotten a DUI, your family life may be in an uproar, your spouse might be desperate, there may be serious financial problems, or you may have lost your job. This is the time when most people decide that treatment is less about choice and more about necessity. You might not know how you are going to recover, only that you must.

At this point, researching substance abuse rehab programs might be the last thing on your mind. You might feel compelled to go to the first treatment program that will take you. Before you rush into the first house on the block, take a few moments to consider your needs. If you have a family to support, a long term residential rehab facility where you cannot leave the premises is probably not your best option. A better choice might be a short term residential detox program followed by an evening outpatient recovery program that allows you to work during the day. The more that a treatment program fits into your life, the more likely you are to be open to the help and support it offers.

Researching Substance Abuse Rehab Centers

At the Treatment Directory website, you can quickly learn about substance abuse rehab facilities in your area. We are committed to providing the most up-to-date substance abuse rehab listings on the Internet. Our website is easy to navigate, user friendly, and gives you free access to all of our information.

You can find out about drug and alcohol treatment facilities anywhere in the U.S. and get information about addiction and alcoholism in general. You can quickly check out substance abuse treatment programs and get contact information for any facility that interests you.

If you’re not ready to get help at this time, you can still research your options to see if any programs interest you. For example, you might be more interested in getting clean and sober if you could go away to an out-of-state residential substance abuse rehab facility that would remove you from a living situation where it's impossible to stay clean. And if you’re not ready to take that step right now, knowing where to go for help when you are ready can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

How Long Must I Stay In Treatment?

Substance abuse rehab centers have only one thing in common: they are all committed to helping addicts and alcoholics to get and stay sober. In every other respect, substance abuse rehab programs may be very different. Although most facilities will want you to stay for a specific length of time, the amount of time involved can be anywhere from a few days to a few years. Generally speaking, the longer you have been drinking and drugging and the more drugs and alcohol you use, the longer your treatment stay should be.

Some drug and alcohol treatment facilities will detox you from substances without requiring you to participate in any kind treatment program. This kind of short-term treatment is usually not enough to keep anyone sober for any length of time. However, if detox is followed up by participation in an outpatient treatment program and attendance at 12 Step meetings, the odds of staying sober increase in proportion to how long the treatment activity is continued.

In a long-term residential substance abuse rehab, you may be asked to stay in the program for six months to one year -- or longer. Long term drug and alcohol treatment can be very effective in helping addicts and alcoholics to learn how to perform day to day activities while staying drug free.

Long term residential treatment programs typically offer services such as education, counseling, group therapy, and individual therapy to help addicts and alcoholics explore core issues that put them at risk for drug and alcohol abuse. Residents may be taken from the facility to 12 Step meetings or 12 Step meetings may take place within the facility. Some long term residential substance abuse rehab programs require residents to have jobs outside of the facility while they are living there.

It’s important to choose a treatment option that you feel comfortable with and that will give you the best possible shot for a clean and sober life. Whether you choose a short term detox program or long term residential treatment, be sure to choose a situation that will be as comfortable and manageable as possible.

Types of Substance Abuse Rehab Centers

At Treatment Directory, you can find details about and contact information for many different types of substance abuse rehab programs including: 

Most health insurance policies pay for some percentage of substance abuse rehab, but if you have no insurance and can’t afford to pay for treatment yourself, you can search out programs and facilities that have sliding scales or offer discounts to those without financial resources.

Matching Your Recovery Needs to the Right Rehab Program

Making a decision to get help for a drug or alcohol problem by entering a substance abuse rehab program is not an easy decision to make. Going through detox, rehabilitation, and recovery can be uncomfortable and time consuming. The upside is that you don’t have to it by yourself.

When you enter a substance abuse rehab program, you’ll receive professional support from the program staff, and you’ll be recovering with other addicts and alcoholics just like yourself. Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse might be one of the biggest challenges you'll ever face, but thanks to the support you'll receive at a substance abuse rehab program, you won’t have to recover alone.

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