Sober Living Housing


What is a Sober Living House?

Sober living houses are group homes for addicts and alcoholics. Most of these houses are privately owned, but some are owned by businesses or charity organizations that support the recovery process. These homes are usually located in a rural environment, away from city life that might affect their sobriety.

How Are Sober Living Houses Different From Rehab Centers?

Sober living is different from rehab centers in the way they are structured. In a rehab center, they offer more intensive recovery program and give patients less freedom. Rehab centers have structured time lines that need to be followed, similar to be in school. Addicts and alcoholics that live in sober living facility can usually set their own schedules, as they follow certain rules, similar to college.

Addicts and alcoholics who live in sober living facilities are expected to be responsible for themselves and do their chores. No one will be there to help clean up after them or make their food. This is actually a very important step in the recovery process. Addiction causes people to act irresponsible and avoid their responsibilities. In return, the friends and family members of addicts and alcoholics often enable them by cleaning up after them, cooking for them, and supporting them in any way they can. Addicts and alcoholics living in sober houses usually have to pay their own rent, buy their own groceries, cook their own food, do their own laundry, and do all the same things a responsible adult would do on a daily basis. On top of doing responsible tasks, they have to submit random drug tests and follow certain rules applied by the housing department.

What is the Cost of Living at a Sober Living House?

Prices for sober living houses vary by location, but most of them cost about the same as it would cost to live in a basic apartment. While staying at a sober living house, you must pay rent each month. As mentioned before, the rent varies by location and usually amounts to between $450 and $750 per month. Most houses include the price of utilities, although if the utilities are being over used, they will be reprimanded and held accountable for their actions.

Living in a sober living house is for the most part, cheaper than living in a recovery center. This is because there are fewer staff members and they provide fewer services. 12-step program meetings on a regular basis are provided and are mandatory to attend. Additionally, there may be a therapist that may stop in and visit with the individuals that need further assistance, but no one has to attend intensive therapy sessions. The prices of sober living houses are kept low, to help addicts or alcoholics that want to stay sober. If the prices were set high, it might deter addicts and alcoholics from taking part in this process.

Questions to ask to see if Sober Living is the right choice

  • Have you just finished a recovery program for addiction and feel like you cannot handle jumping right back into your old environment?
  • Do you feel like you would relapse as soon as you are released from your treatment program?
  • Do you feel you lack the structure or skills to live on your own without guidance?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, entering a sober living house or halfway house may be your best option. At these sober living houses, they lay down rules and regulations, while reintroducing you to the world. They will teach you life skills, like doing laundry, budget your money, and grocery shopping. The most important rule is that residents must stay sober the entire time they stay in the sober living house. Living in an environment like a sober living house can reinforce sobriety and assist alcoholics and addicts adjust to life without their addiction problems. Sober living housing can also be used to transition from rehab to living independently without using drugs or alcohol.

Things that can be done while in a sober living house are:

Organize a job search:
Looking for employment is not easy for anyone, but recovering addicts have a rough time with finding employment, due to their records or previous work history. Applying for jobs while in the sober house will help by boosting your moral and talking through the issues you may have had during an interview.
Adjust to a sober life:
While this process might be shaky, there needs to be an adjustment phase. Adjusting to this new lifestyle will be easier with other people that can relate to your problems.
Make housing plans:
Returning home might not be the best option for some addicts, by searching for an apartment before you leave the sober living house, you are taking away the stress of finding something in a hurry. You can look for apartments that have meetings close by, or maybe housing that is away from temptations you might have.
Rebuild past relationships:
It is a perfect time to reflect on situations that have gone wrong and repair relationships that were damaged in the process of your addiction. The sober living house will provide support, if rejection occurs. Most importantly, getting the guilt off of your shoulders will help you on your path to recovery.

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