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When it comes down to what type of rehab facilities is the best for people, it really comes down to the type of person is. Everybody is made different and has different personality traits. This also comes down to the differences in sex. Some of the better rehab centers separate males and females so they can focus on recovery of their addiction without the distraction of the opposite sex.

Focusing on You and Only You

If males are in a co-ed program, they might hold back in talking about certain things, for fear the female members would view them in a different way. This is not healthy. The recovery process is all about letting your feelings and emotions out and working through them. Another common downfall to co-ed programs is distraction. Males and females will try to impress or win over each other, instead of focusing on their recovery. This is more accurate for men. They obsess over a certain female in the program and think of things to say or do to impress them. They spend so much time focusing on how to obtain a relationship with this female, that the recovery process is no longer the main focus. Competition is also another downfall to the recovery process. When two males are competing over a female that is the only thing they will think about. They will be focusing on how to get the girl, instead of their recovery process. This can also cause a hostile environment, if the female chooses one male over the other. These are feelings that need to be let go during recovery, not held onto.

Addiction in Men

In the field of addiction, separate recovery programs for men and women have emerged recently. As published studies suggest, more males than females have addiction problems, or more accurately more males are seeking treatment than females. Addiction treatment for men narrows the focus of the treatment program. By narrowing the focus, this allows a more precise and individual approach to be given to each addict or alcoholic. A male alcoholic or addict will face stress and challenges unique to his experience. This also includes the social pressures that society labels as male traits. Human beings often define themselves in relation to the expectations of society standards, their relationships within society, and society as a whole. In the American society, men are seen as strong individuals that support their family and have decent jobs. While this standard has changed and more females are becoming the head on the house, men still hold themselves high in this regard. By holding themselves to this standard, the expectations and stereotypes society assigns to males will act as destructive blockade that will hinder a productive recovery for some men.

Factors to Consider in Men’s Rehab Center

Men who face addiction issues and need males only program will find a variety of programs including, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and sober living centers. Figuring out what is needed to succeed is the next step, after committing to a men’s program.

Does the location of the male rehab center matter?

Generally Yes, you want the addict or alcoholic to be in an out of state program. This helps cut off relationships will their drug dealers and other people that have negative influences on them. They may need to be a few states apart for this effect to take place. On the other hand, if the addict or alcoholic would like to maintain their relationship with their children, they need a place closer to home, if being without their children for too long is something they are not willing to deal with.

Post care of male addiction

After treatment is the addict or alcoholic in need of additional support? Is their home environment not stable enough for them to return to? Is returning to the same place right after treatment a recipe for a relapse? Enrolling in a halfway house or another sober living center after their initial detox and treatment might be what is necessary to ensure a relapse does not occur. These centers will help teach them healthy living skills like, budgeting their money, going grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning skills, and other necessary functions.

Does the age of a male addict matter?

Yes, besides separating males from females, it is also common for certain age groups to separate. Bonding and relating to someone closer to you in age is easier for some people. Younger groups of people might be experiencing things completely different than an older age group. This is not the right placement for groups. The older addicts and alcoholics might not understand the younger group and vice versa. This can cause members from holding back their emotions and stories.

Does the type of addiction matter?

Yes, While addictions of all backgrounds have similar traits, there are different issues that need to be addressed. An alcoholic might not understand the emotions and experiences that a cocaine user has. Finding a group that has the same addiction problem will help to form an even playing field among the group.

Dual Diagnosis

It is very common for an addict or alcoholic to have more than no problem at hand. There are centers that perform dual diagnosis to help discover any other underlying issues. This is a tremendous help with men that may have mental illness or other issues that might be looked over at a regular facility. By testing each member for other illnesses, it helps the staff of the center provide better care for each person that enters their rehab center. The main goal is to find the right rehab center for your loved one. Please consider all of the above issues when looking at treatment centers. If you are unsure of which facility will work for your loved one, please call us at the Treatment Directory. Our counselors will find the correct center and guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. You do not have to be alone in this decision.

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